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Hi, I am Amy Holland I own 4 Luv N Care Pet Sitting. I started straight out of high school in 1988 working as a veterinary technician, which was for 12 years. I worked in several veterinary hospitals and learned to care for and see early signs of sickness or distress in several species of pets. I currently have over 30 years, in the pet care field. When I started pet sitting, for clients that got to know me while at those hospitals, that’s actually what inspired me to start my own business. Oh and of course with the help and support from my husband and daughter which allowed me the opportunity to indulge in something I love and truly enjoying doing.

We specialize in care of geriatric pets, and have experience with everything from pocket pets, reptiles, birds, horses and of course cats and dogs. We also have several clients who have special needs pets that we give oral medication, or injections, as needed.

Please feel free to email us and let’s get together to discuss your needs.

Amy Holland


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What to look for in a Pet Sitter:

First Class Care

Will the person recognize early signs of illness- for instance, urinary problems in cats or a dog that has become lethargic? Will they have time to notice the problem and deal with it if noticed?

Plenty of Play

Will quality time be spent with your pet?
Will the person remember to visit your pet as planned?
Will the person give the proper amount of food, provide fresh water daily, and do they know how to give medications to your pet if needed?
Will your pet's normal diet be provided or will junk food be given? Candy like chocolate can kill a dog because it's toxic to them.

20+ Years in Business

After asking yourself these questions - you should really consider a professional sitter like 4 Luv N Care Pet Sitting. We will spend time with your pets, be sure they are eating and going to the bathroom normally. We will follow your instructions for feeding and cleaning up pet accidents. If your pet became ill, we will contact your vet and take appropriate action. We won't forget to make our visits to you. You will be provided with a professional service and go away with confidence that your pets receive quality care. After all the needs are taken care of, we give them lots of love and affection because we're animal lovers. Service Area Medical Center/NW Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas (Limited radius coverage area )

Happy Pets, Happy Owners

Need More Info Contact Us

We currently service the Bexar County area of  San Antonio Texas.
You may contact us by the phone number listed below. Thank You

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